Christmas is coming!

Now with the holiday season just around the corner, you might be worrying about the cost of Christmas 2013.

Whether it’s the presents, the food, the Christmas lights, or the tree, there are many expenses for homeowners this December, and this can be difficult in the current financial climate.

This article will help you make informed decisions about spending your money this year at Christmas time.

Buying a Cheap Christmas Tree

This is a difficult one, as you could buy an artificial tree that would last for many years, however it is often more expensive to buy right off the bat. But if you have the money, then this can be a great option for you.

The best value xmas tree is often the Nordman fir, which doesn’t drop its needles as much as the Norway spruce variety, due to its fleshier needles.

Good Value Xmas Lights

Icicles are often the best value lights, with multiple settings, and the hanging element giving them a lot more coverage outside, making for an impressive display.

For the tree, I would advise going for supabright cluster Christmas lights, these often give a much more even coverage, but are compact enough to fit nicely in with the tinsel and baubles.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Decorations and The family Meal

Turkeys are best bought later in the season, as many supermarkets reduce the price late on to get rid of excess! This gives you the perfect chance to save money.

Decorations are also on sale right after Christmas, so if you can, save for the next year by grabbing them in the sale in January!

Have a very happy Christmas this year, and remember to save those pennies for the summer!

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