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debbie_tnI just have to report about the ‘Jaune Boule d’Or’ turnip I pulled out of the ground yesterday—that’s it in the photo below. Look how big it is! It was sown in early spring and kept growing as in-between ones got harvested. Still a few left. Only a few worms, and not woody at all.

Jaune turnipI also pulled up a giant ‘Yaya’ carrot last week—I wish I had gotten a picture! It was about 5 inches long and 2 inches in diameter in lousy carrot-growing soil, also planted in early spring. It was crunchy and sweet, and like the late turnips it was not woody at all. Some went into a stew, but most was eaten fresh. I’m really impressed with this variety. They seem better in my garden when growing longer. At what seems a more normal time to harvest them, they’re still quite small, probably due to the poor carrot-growing soil. I’ve never grown good carrots for fresh eating, so ‘Yaya’ is a keeper.

No tomato-tasting party this year. With a busy late summer, the timing just didn’t work out. Now the fall rains are here early, the dumping variety that usually comes a month or so later. Summer came early for us—warm and dry—but apparently fall is here early, too.  —Debbie Leung, Olympia, Washington

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