Plug Plants

So you’ve heard all about plug plants, and want to start saving time and money by growing them. But where do you start? Read on for all of the info you need about jumbo and mini plant plugs.

What are plug plants

Plug plants are an earlier stage of plant, in between seedlings and full grown plants. They help gardeners save time (because they need not sew seeds), and save money (as they aren’t purchasing fully grown plants). They are perfect for planting in hanging baskets, to create wonderful garden displays.

Many gardeners prefer them, as they give a little challenge to nurture, but have a much higher success rate that sewing your own from seeds. Read on to find the best plug plant varieties below.

Different Varieties of Plugs

There are many different plug varieties, mostly used in hanging baskets and other garden displays. Below are a few garden favourites.

Fuchsia Plug Plants

Fuchsias are a common garden name, and the jumbo fuchsia plug is a best seller around the UK. You can find over 300 varieties in some places, with many societies dedicated to the love of this fantastic selection of plants.

Fuchsia Plug Deltas Sarah

Easy to grow, and come in many forms, including upright, giant, trailing, and hardy (perfect for the English weather).

Geranium Plug Plants

Geraniums are popular for window sills, and the plug plants are perfect for planting colour into garden troughs. They come in many colours, and varieties, including upright, and trailing types. Zonal Geraniums are a personal favourite of mine, and easily add some garden style with their deep purple flowers.

Geranium Plug Plant Apricot

Petunia Plug Plants

Petunias tend to be trailing, with an emphasis on beautiful big blooming flowers, in deep blues and purples. You can also get smaller flowered varieties called mini doubles, and are closely related to the plug plant Million Bells.

Purple Surfinia Plug Plants

My personal favourite is the purple Petunia above, beautifully trailing down the edge of a hanging basket in my garden.

Mini Plug Plants

Mini plug plants are good to save that extra bit of money, as you buy them in bulk, and pot them on into larger trays in stages. However there is often less choice as they have to be bought in bulk, so you will tend to have a lot of plants looking exactly the same, unless you go for a mixed variety piece.

Purchasing Plugs Online

Many online retailers of plug plants have disappeared in the last few years, so be wary. Check if they follow the which? plants by post selling criteria, and for positive customer feedback. We have heard good things about Babyplants, however haven’t bought their plug plants online personally, or checkout how to define a plug plant here for info on what plug plants are. You could also checkout their facebook page here: Babyplants facebook.