Reclining Garden Chairs

reclining garden chairs

Product Name: Reclining Garden Chairs

Product Price Range: £672 – £2,600

Product GTIN: 745125407036

Product Description:

Reclining rattan garden chairs that can rock, and have built-in footrests. They come in individual chairs, bistro sets, dining sets, or large sofa sets.

The reclining rattan garden furniture is weatherproof, meaning it can be left outside all year round without a cover, and it won’t degrade. This is because it has an aluminium frame that won’t rust, and a UV stabilized synthetic wicker weaver that won’t fade or rot in the sun.

Dean’s comment:

I like the extra thick cushions. The price is high, but I believe it’s because of the extra durable materials (such as the aluminium frame), which should make it last longer in the long run.

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5/5 based on 113 Reviews.

By Dean

Dean is a gardener based in West London, appreciating the beauty that nature can bring to your existence.

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